Relevant metrics for your strategic decisions

Do you feel that you might be lacking some critical information when taking strategic decisions? Typically, businesses decide based on metrics and measure what is available. Customer context and value creation processes are overlooked. We have crafted a workshop for you to learn how to evaluate your current data mix, how to generate new indicators & how to pair them with insights, so your decisions are finally grounded


Discover new conceptual approaches on how value is created & apply them to evaluate your current data. What are you missing or misrepresenting?


Build up your ability to map value streams and to generate indicators that are both feasible to collect on a regular basis and truly relevant for your decision-making processes.


Practice using and customizing our new dashboards, designed for pairing your current and new indicators with insights from qualitative research.


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October 1, 2019 @ Service Design Network Conference
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Short introductory workshop for service designers. Included with your conference ticket. Simply choose this as your one workshop when registering


February 22, 2020 @ Ironhack Barcelona
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Full-day workshop
9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Organized by Stereometrics & Ironhack
It includes snacks & lunch, plus templates to bring back the workshop experience to your office
Special discounts for teams available

México DF

March 28, 2020 @ Laboratoria Cow Roma
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Full-day workshop
9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Organized by Touchpoints & SDN Mexico Chapter
It includes snacks & lunch, plus templates to bring back the workshop experience to your office
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New York

April 1, 2020 @ Advancing Research Conference
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Full-day workshop
9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Organized by Rosenfeld Media
It includes snacks & lunch, plus templates to bring back the workshop experience to your office
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After our workshop, you will be able to measure what matters and challenge how strategic decisions are informed in your organization through:

  • Understanding different definitions of value and how they are relevant to your organization
  • Mapping value streams and customers value creation processes
  • Proposing new indicators and other sources of insight about value for customers
  • Redesigning how to mix and show metrics and insights on the same information artifacts
  • Bringing the workshop experience back to your office and engaging your colleagues with our set of games and templates



All our participants somehow have been aiming to match metrics, insights and strategy —or at least are willing to change how their current organizations understand value and structure decision-making. This workshop is for you, if you are:

  • An agile coach wanting to increase a customer centricity in your teams
  • A product person craving for better data to inform decision-making and prioritization
  • A researcher or a designer willing to finally convert research into improvements for customers
  • A designer or UXer aspiring to be part of strategic decisions
  • A service designer itching to introduce service-centricity in product organizations

Your facilitators are a true mix of product & service, data & insights, concept & action

Product Designer & Coach

Silvia Calvet

Pure dynamism at the intersection of business, technology and users

Silvia Calvet has been working at the intersection of business, technology and users. With an strong background in consultancy, the last years she has been working inside digital product teams. She is passionate about customer experience, collaboration, business results and sustainable growth. Today she is a product coach consultant.
Service designer

Itziar Pobes

A project brain with a plan to inject service centricity into product organizations

Itziar Pobes is the project brain at We Question Our Project, a Barcelona-based service design studio. Along with her team, she works in projects related to food & tourism, aging & health, education or local development at a local and at a European level. She has recently become coordinator of the new Master in Service Design at IED Barcelona.

We don't like to brag, but participants love it!

“THANK YOU for an amazing workshop. The Service Design conference was fabulous, and your workshop made the travel to Toronto really worthwhile. The content, the method and the care you put into workshopping a complex topic was really evident. I learned a lot.”

Bernadette GeuyPrincipal Consultant and Co-founder
@ Power of Design Services

“It was a great talk and it had some nice exercises about the difference between product and service. Sometimes we forget to cover, work with and understand the basics, so I really appreciated this!”

Helena LevisonQueen of UX @ CPHUX

“I had the privilege of attending a workshop on metrics with Itziar and Silvia. Their methodology is sound and they are great as facilitators. Our market is ready. So along with Service Design Network Mexico, we're hosting their workshop in town!”

Selene CastilloRegional Design Director
@ Scotiabank

“This workshop has been clarifying and practical. It has given me a new vision about the potential of having indicators and data about the value for users. The highlight for me is expanding the user journey by adding KPIs about value for users”

Alexandra QuevedoHead of UX & Design
@ Onebox

“As a designer who has experience with data, I intrinsically gravitate towards collecting valuable data as discussed in the workshop. However, these frameworks have been a wonderful tool to help me visualize and explain my data collection choices to my partners. Wonderful frameworks to help me further influence data decisions!”

Reed H.Service Designer